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      Learning language is not only learning words and remembering grammatical patterns. No matter what stock of knowledge someone has, it remains useless unless it is put to practical use. It is imperative for overseas students, who aim to study further or find a successful job, to learn hard and use Japanese language fulently. The language they have learnt is really useful for them in their daily life and in their future workplaces.
      There are so many Japanese language schools in Japan, the excellent school that brings you new ideas and remarkable innovation and mades enormous strides forword is our Tokyo Transnational Japanese Language School. In our school, students become the command of new ways of practical knowledge, diversified lifestyles and chances of going ahead for further study in real life. We mainly focus on practical life communicative Japanese language to adjust in Japanese society with words as well as action. We do not teach language only, but we develop creative thinking skills with collaboration of mental and physical skills both. We start from beginner level and up to insightful learning stage, as a result, overseas students will be capable to think and act logically as well as practically.
     We target on cultural language reading for making language long lasting and very impressive. We have nice and peaceful environment to read in very effective way as a result language learning will be more wide and faster to all levels of language learners. So, we appreciate your participation suggestions and ideas for getting exposed with Japanese Language.

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The school develops innovative human resources that can take charge of their future and decide their path. We focus on the following skills and abilities:  Think and express independently Communicate the thoughts and ideas to others  Able to confidently accomplish the above in Japanese

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 Dear TTJLS, It is my great pleasure to be part of this institute.During this four months of time,i gained a lot of experience and lessons that will always be cherished by me.I am very thankful to all the respective teachers and the staff members for their guidance help.. Not only this, I am also thankful to all the concerned counsellors who were responsible for all the support in documentation, and getting good score and ability in Japanese Language.